Why Integration?

Our vision is to achieve and sustain the benefits of a thriving, racially integrated and truly inclusive community that serves as a model for the nation.

Many communities are diverse; few are integrated. Diversity may find people of different races and ethnicities living near each other, but integration finds them living with each other—interacting, forming friendships, participating fully in the community’s economic, political, civic, and cultural life. Read More...

South Orange/Maplewood Video

Two Towns, One Community

South Orange and Maplewood are…
    • adjoining suburbs with tree-lined streets and good schools
    • 29 minutes from NYC by train
    • full of parks and recreation
    • arts and culture destinations
    • graced by historic buildings and homes
    • one community where everyone is welcome!

What people find here is a small town feel with the conveniences and cachet of cosmopolitan living. There are 17 beautiful parks with ball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, jogging paths, great sledding, and each town has a community pool. Both towns border the South Mountain Reservation—a 2020 acre preserve with hiking and biking trails. Residents refer to the down-towns of South Orange and Maplewood each quaintly as 'The Village.' Take the train to either of 'The Villages' to visit our wonderful stores, restaurants, arts centers, and take a walk through our neighborhoods to see the range and beauty of our homes!

News & Events

  • We Stand Against ViolenceJul 18th 2016

    Just as we continue to abhor the killings of black people by police, we also deplore violence against police in any form, including the deliberate killings of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas. We encourage engagement and empathy, and stand against violence as a means toward change. The South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race […]

  • XRootsFest Promotes Multicultural ExchangeJul 18th 2016

    Music and dance from different cultures around the region were enjoyed throughout the day!

  • Community Gathers around National Racial Violence ConcernsJul 11th 2016

    We are called once again to respond as a community to the race-based tragedies faced by our nation. Please join the 1st event tomorrow, July 12th, 6:30 pm, South Orange Middle School. Read more…

  • My Story: SOMA’s Diversity Captured in Two-Minute ShortsJun 1st 2016

    ‘My Story: Video Shorts,’ one of this year’s Integration through the Arts programs, was featured at the SouthNext Festival. Watch the 3 top videos here!

  • Conversation on Race: Moving from Distress to SolutionsMay 25th 2016

    Thanks to all those who came out to our ‘Conversation on Race: Moving from Distress to Solutions’ last night and to Oheb Shalom Congregation for hosting us. We heard some real concerns about the need for more and deeper engagement on these issues by broader sections of the community. Read more…