What can you do to make our towns truly inclusive? Our committees are a great way to meet new people, be active in community life, and use your talent in support of stable integration. There’s a job for every schedule and level of time commitment, from single projects to regular monthly meetings. Join us!

Schools Committee

The Schools Committee is at the forefront of efforts to address and eliminate the academic achievement gap as an essential element of our effort to create true integration among and within our schools. The committee works to encourage alliances between the public and private sectors to foster the development of successful educational partnerships among teachers, administrators, parents, students, researchers, business and community organizations. The committee promotes parental involvement and empowerment and works to ensure that students of all races are expected and encouraged to excel in a community that is proud and supportive of our schools.

Interfaith Outreach Committee

The Interfaith Outreach Committee works with the religious communities of our towns to engender support and to serve as a vehicle for further communicating our goals.

Neighborhood Associations and Civic Life Committee

The Neighborhood Associations and Civic Life Committee focuses on the development and support of neighborhood associations and specific ways to promote greater participation by all sectors of our community in the general civic life of Maplewood and South Orange.

Pro-integrative Incentives & Ordinance Review Committee

The Pro-integrative Incentives & Ordinance Review Committee explores and develops programs that use a variety of incentives to support pro-integrative real estate activity. The committee also compares and contrasts our municipal ordinances with model ordinances in several areas, e.g., solicitation for real estate listings, fair housing complaints, housing code standards, and economic development, in order to encourage ordinances that support pro-integrative moves and up-keep of housing stock.

Marketing Communications Committee

The Marketing Communications Committee develops marketing programs to promote South Orange/Maplewood’s special qualities to potential homebuyers. In addition to identifying target audiences and publications for placing promotional ads, this committee works to develop, write and pitch stories to regional and national press. Within our towns, this committee communicates “good news” stories featuring our residents and schools in local papers. This committee also oversees our website and social media marketing, and serves as the major public communicator for Coalition events, writing press releases and ad campaigns.

Realtor Advisory Group

The Realtor Advisory Group is made up of real estate professionals who work as advisors to the Coalition. In turn, the Coalition sponsors an annual summit with community leaders (e.g., mayors, elected officials, superintendent of schools, police chief) who present on topics of particular interest to realtors.

Finance & Development Committee

The Finance & Development Committee oversees the finances of our non-profit organization and works to raise funds through grants and other funding activities to allow the Coalition to bring high-quality pro-integrative programming to our towns.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Committee (MERT)

The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Committee recommends particular methods for assessing the performance and impact of Coalition initiatives. This committee serves to identify baseline data and methods for updating and comparing sales activity, rental activity, housing prices, and the effectiveness of our brokers and marketing programs. New members are always welcome.
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Touring Committee

Potential home buyers are invited to receive a tour offered by our Touring Committee. This committee is made up of Coalition members and citizen volunteers. The Coalition has designed a tour that introduces our guests to all areas of both towns. Hosting tours is perfect for those who love to talk about how great our towns are!
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