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What Can We Change in 2017?

‘Welcome 2017 and good riddance to 2016’ has been a common refrain over the last few weeks. While we always hold out hope for the future, we’re also cautious. We can’t wish away all that we witnessed and experienced over the last year. We heard racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, anti-Muslim sentiments, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia out […]

Bios of the 2017 Executive Committee

Leila Gonzalez Sullivan (immediate past chair) has lived with her family in Maplewood since 1978, although her career took her to Connecticut and later Baltimore to assume presidencies of community colleges.  Entering semi-retirement in 2009, she joined the Coalition as co-chair of the Neighborhood Association and Civic Engagement Committee where she worked on the development […]

Coalition on Race Statement Regarding Vandalism of the South Orange Menorah

Over the holidays an incident of random vandalism by a young person resulted in direct damage to the South Orange Menorah display. The Community Coalition on Race would like to encourage parents to speak to their young people about the importance of respecting the property of others and especially that of respecting religious symbols. It […]

2016 Annual Appeal


In a year marked by racial violence and following a campaign season defined by demeaning stereotypes, we are resolved to pursue our racial integration and inclusion mission. We need your support today!

#DisruptRacism: 10 Ways to Disrupt the Cycle of Racism


How is America going to thrive at a time when discrimination and racism are tearing the country apart? If Americans want to stop the cycle of racism, they must come together to talk about race and find solutions.

Job Posting – Office Administrator


We’re looking for a new office administrator–6 hours per week. Bookkeeping skills and knowledge of Quickbooks needed.

Join Our Board of Trustees!

Looking for an opportunity to give back to your community? Willing to work with a diverse group of your neighbors? Join us!

Community Coalition on Race’s Response

After a truly inspiring night at the #NotInOurTwoTowns open-mic event with hundreds of South Orange and Maplewood residents, the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race applauds the work that is being done by our community. The recent race-based killings and a retaliation against police in other parts of the nation are tragedies that cannot be […]

We Stand Against Violence

Just as we continue to abhor the killings of black people by police, we also deplore violence against police in any form, including the deliberate killings of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas. We encourage engagement and empathy, and stand against violence as a means toward change. The South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race […]

Volunteer Openings

WordPress Frontend Designer/Developer Propose modified layouts and functionality, e.g.,  home page, right-hand sidebar, Paypal page, donation thank-you page and calendaring (auto-updating of users’ calendars) Propose alternate navigation structure.  Currently, site is blog/post rather than topic/page-centered. Update the existing theme to be more mobile-friendly Set up to be modified and maintained through child themes. Use HTML/CSS, […]