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Thanks to Papillon 25 for Helping Us Raise Funds!

Papillon AR, DH

Yanick Ranieri of Papillon 25 generously hosted a dinner fundraiser for us. More than 60 people enjoyed a wonderful and great music…

Join Our Board of Trustees!

Looking for an opportunity to give back to your community? Willing to work with a diverse group of your neighbors? Join us!

New Coffee House Discussion August 31st

Final flyer2

The #NotinourTwoTowns Dialogue Continues. Join us in a safe and relaxed coffee house setting for informal table discussions led by youth activists Movement with a Purpose.

SOMa Residents Speak Out at #NotinourTwoTowns Event

Fest pic_#notin Banner

The SOMa community gathered to address concerns about racial violence in the nation. This powerful evening of questions, observations, and calls for action was headed by Movement with a Purpose and the SOMa Clergy Association, along with the townships of South Orange and Maplewood and the Coalition on Race, all under the banner of #NotinourTwoTowns.

We Stand Against Violence

Just as we continue to abhor the killings of black people by police, we also deplore violence against police in any form, including the deliberate killings of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas. We encourage engagement and empathy, and stand against violence as a means toward change. The South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race […]

XRootsFest Promotes Multicultural Exchange

Steven Vannoy

Music and dance from different cultures around the region were enjoyed throughout the day!

Large Community Turn Out for Conversations on Race


Author, clinical psychologist, and retired Spelman President Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum encouraged our residents and teachers to take action on racial integration and inclusion.