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Report to the Community: An Inside Look at What the Coalition Does

Join us for a review of what the Coalition has accomplished, what needs to be done in community racial integration and inclusion, and how you can help.

16th Annual Preschool Open House

16th Annual Preschool Open House

Visit with over 20 area preschools and childcare agencies in one setting. Plus, get advice from a school district educator about what to look for when choosing a preschool to meet your child’s needs.

Why a whole candidates’ night just on integration in the schools?

Why a whole candidates’ night just on integration in the schools?

Join the Schools Committee for the 12th annual BOE Candidates’ Forum on October 24th at 7:30 pm at Marshall School to hear the candidates’ thoughts on integrated elementary schools, anti-bias training for staff, and more.

Celebrating Integration 2017 Honorees

Dr. Adunni Anderson

Read about Dr. Adunni Anderson, Jim Buchanan, and Carol Buchanan–the wonderful community volunteers who will be celebrated at this year’s annual dinner, Saturday, October 14th.

Moving Beyond Mistrust to Make Equality & Inclusion Reality


In the aftermath of Charltottesville and local race problems, Board Chair Robert A. Marchman offers his thoughts on the work of the Coalition and SOMa’s history of white flight, the elusiveness of of equality and inclusion for many persons of color, and the collaborative work we see ahead.

Statement from the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race

Read our statement on the recent vote of no confidence in Police Chief Cimino and on its ongoing advocacy for fair and unbiased treatment of people of color by the police.

Call for Reform of Police Practices and an End to Police Abuse of Black Residents

We stand in solidarity with all those who were hurt and traumatized by the experience of being mistreated by the Maplewood Police after the July 5, 2016 fireworks and with those now witnessing this event on the released video.