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 2016 Annual Report

During 2016 we celebrated 20 years of work on intentional integration and true inclusion in the towns of South Orange and Maplewood—one of the most difficult years in our nation’s recent history in terms of racial violence and a campaign season marked by the most demeaning stereotypes. We have always seen our mission as a critical ongoing effort, but the events of 2016 gave a special urgency to our work.

While the Coalition’s mission is right and good, make no mistake—this is risky work. It took vision to form the organization, and courage to lay claim to—not to mention act on—the belief that two towns could counter racism and build an integrated community in a racially segregated region, in a nation habituated to turning a blind eye to both a racist past and the possibility of an inclusive future. Nonetheless, we have remained committed to the Coalitions’ key pro-integrative strategies:

  • to promote dialogue and understanding on race-related issues
  • to promote strong and sustained demand among all racial groups for housing in every area of our community
  • to work toward a school district that is stably integrated overall, where students of all races are expected and encouraged to excel
  • to encourage civic, governmental, business, and community organizations to be inclusive and value integration in policies, practices, programs, and partnerships.

We continue to stand by those strategies today, as we must in a nation where we are witness to the ongoing, debilitating, and sometimes deadly effects of racism and segregation. We promise to work consistently to help individuals and institutions value and appreciate racial and cultural differences, view diversity as a benefit, interact respectfully, and advocate for change whenever equity for all members of the community is at risk.

We invite you to have a look at our 2016 highlights and find your place with us in the coming year.

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