Annual Reports

Throughout 2017 we asked how we can create change—especially in a period of rising residential segregation and of ongoing racial tensions in communities across the nation in which the likelihood of cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding is diminished. In his 1967 book Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote that the challenge after the passage of the voting and civil rights acts would be to gain equity in education, jobs, wages, and housing—especially during “a new phase of white resistance.” He offered hope with his vision of the ‘Beloved Community,’ in which an “all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood” would replace bigotry and racism.

At the Coalition on Race, we pursue community over chaos. We work to engage people in thoughtful dialogue and relationship-building, in learning about race and privilege, and in advocacy for policies and practices that support equity for all members of our community. In 2017, our work included all of these efforts through programs like:

  • Conversations on Race
  • Coffee House Discussions
  • ‘Talking to Children about Race’ workshop series
  • XRootsFest, our annual multicultural festival
  • The Civic Engagement Institute
  • Analysis of and report on the demographics and residential patterns affecting our schools and towns
  • Anti-bias training
  • Advocacy for police reforms, and more

The result has been a notable transformation in the degree to which people are willing to call out racial bias publicly—whether in group meetings, in response to civic issues like education, policing, housing, neighborhood stability, or on various local social media forums. And we at the Coalition have seen growing attendance at our events, more engagement and collaboration, and requests for more training.

In 2017 we held 56 pro-integrative events, trainings, and dialogues for over 3,000 people. We invite you to have a look at our 2017 highlights to see how you can work on integration and inclusion in the coming year.
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