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 2015 Annual Report

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Coffee House Discussion at Inkosi Cafe

We have faced quite a year of challenges as a nation when it comes to race relations, racial justice, and the work of integration. Just as we were coming to understand the deeply divisive effects of residential segregation in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, we were witness to the tragedy of the Charleston church murders. The need for inter-group understanding, for building meaningful relationships across racial lines, and for coming to terms with persistent forms of racism, was put in high relief.

“We’ll probably have to have a few uncomfortable conversations to sort of get things right, so everybody can walk and enjoy America as it’s supposed to be enjoyed.” Jamie Foxx

You responded here where we live by attending a community vigil for the Charleston victims, coming to one of the best-attended Conversations on Race ever, meeting up in local coffee shops for Coffee House Discussions to talk about race, joining our first ever Integrated Playgroup, and participating in all sorts of community-building projects like the Cultural Heritage Festival, Integration through the Arts programs, the Two Towns-Many Stories discussions, and the Martin Luther King, Jr., Observance & Volunteer Fair.

It takes grassroots organizations like ours to create the broad cultural change that most effectively begins on the local level. We do this work here so that everybody can fully enjoy all the benefits of life in our towns and in the hopes, as Jamie Foxx says, that more places “get things right so everybody can walk and enjoy America.”

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