Parents Attend Annual Preschool Open House

The Schools Committee of the Coalition on Race hosted it’s 17th annual Preschool Open House once again at the Montrose Early Childhood Learning Center in South Orange. The event was attended by over fifty local parents looking for preschool options and to learn about choosing the right fit for their child. Renee Joyce, SOMSD Supervisor of Special Services gave a presentation on what to look for in a preschool. She advised parents to visit with as many of the preschools at the open house as possible, to ask questions, and to visit the schools before choosing. She discussed issues like getting a sense of the tone and feel of a school, what kind of curriculum is used, how much play is incorporated into the day, the certifications of the staff, safety, and diversity. Ms. Joyce told the parents that the towns and surrounding communities have excellent options for families looking for preschool.

When asked about kindergarten preparedness, Ms. Joyce emphasized that kindergarten teachers are looking to see if their students are ready to learn: this means things like having the ability to follow verbal instructions, play well with other children, sit still and listen. These skills are more important than early math or literacy skills. She noted that even preschools that emphasize play will incorporate basic number and letter recognition into their curricula.

After the presentation, the parents visited with 17 programs for preschoolers where they could chat with directors and parents as well as pick information. We would like to thank Renee Joyce for giving the presentation; Principla Bonita Samuels for welcoming us to Montrose School, and all the preschools who shared their programs. We offer special thanks to Suki & Heather Realtors for sponsoring this event!

For a list of local preschools with location and contact information, click here.

Schools Committee member Patricia Canning with realtors Heather Gilheany and Suki Shikiar.


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