Coalition Board of Trustees Announce Initiatives for 2019

Throughout 2018, a task force of the trustees worked on streamlining the Coalition’s work so that the trustees and volunteers could focus on the most pressing issues confronting successful integration and inclusion.  A well-defined plan and focus on the mission is critical to creating long-lasting change. The board and staff took a hard look at the results of the Coalition’s demographics studies along with the outcomes of our advocacy work and programs in order to define focused Coalition initiatives for at least the next year. All our volunteer committee work will be guided by these initiatives:

1. Strengthen the community’s commitment to racial and cultural inclusion of all people of color by challenging the community power structures* to rectify disparities and by promoting the value of inclusiveness to the well-being of the community.

*(municipal government, school system, realtors, businesses, arts and recreation groups, corporate and nonprofit groups, media, and key leaders and influencers

2. Ensure the sustainability of racial integration in SOMA by both affirming and supporting the current population of Black people and by researching and developing strategies to increase the rate of Black in-movers.

Help us reach our goals by volunteering! Our volunteer committees include:

  • Community Engagement
  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, & Research
  • Finance & Development

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