Coalition Praised in Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Book

We had the privilege of twice hosting Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum as the guest speaker at Conversations on Race. She was here in the early years of the Coalition’s work and she returned to speak as we–and the country–faced new and ongoing challenges in racial integration. When she released the new edition of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, she included praise for our work and a warning to keep at it: “The most hopeful thing is that there is a community of committed citizens still doing that.” Read the whole passage here.

Dr. Tatum gave the Ridley Lecture at UVA this spring and Professor Joanna Lee, a Columbia High School graduate, introduced her by telling the story of Dr. Tatum’s influence on her since she spoke at CHS in 1998.  Thanks, Professor Lee, for giving kudos to the Coalition on Race! See the video below.

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