Preschool Open House Draws Diverse Group of 70 Parents

The Schools committee hosted its 16th Annual Preschool Open House at the Montrose Early Childhood Education Center in South Orange on Monday evening. There were over 70 parents–some brought their toddlers to hang out with the babysitters provided by the committee and others carried babies around the room. There were 23 preschool centers on site for parents to visit with, get information about programs from, and to ask questions of.


Beginning last year, the Schools Committee has seen a renewed interest in this event and visible increase in the diversity of the families attending. Many of the preschool programs emphasize their commitment to being inclusive and serving a diverse population.




Renee Joyce, the Director of the Montrose Early Childhood Center, began the evening for parents with a talk about what to look for in a preschool program. She reminded parents of the important questions to ask while visiting any program and that it is important to consider the needs of their child and their family overall. We thank Renee Joyce for opening up the Montrose Center for this event and for giving the presentation.

For the list of preschools that attended, click here (please note this is not an exhaustive list of programs in the region and the list is not an endorsement of any program).

We are deeply grateful once again to Suki & Heather Realtors for sponsoring this important community program!



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