Schools Committee Takes New Teachers on Tour of SOMa

Welcome new teachers, staff, and administrators to SOMSD!

The Schools Committee has been a part of the orientation for new teachers and administrators in the school district since 2006. They share with them the mission of the Coalition and the community’s commitment to racial integration, true inclusion, and equitable schools. ¬†They also highlight the objectives of the Schools Committee which have been focused on excellence and equity for all students, anti-bias and cultural competency training, diversity hiring, and supporting parents. The committee also invites teachers to use the them as a resource and to look out for upcoming workshops–many of which offer professional credits for teachers.

After this introduction, members of the committee take the new hires on a bus tour of SOMa. They show them all the neighborhoods and business districts, and drive by all the schools. The tour guides try to give everyone a sense of the breadth of community, the demographics, the history, and the venues for possible school trips and events. We have found that many newcomers are surprised about how varied the neighborhoods are in terms of home styles and architecture, how many restaurants and other services are available, and that both towns are accessible to the South Mountain Reservation, downtown Newark, and NYC.

We wish all the SOMSD faculty and staff a wonderful 2017-18 school year.

Schools Committee Chairs Sue Willis and Carol Barry Austin


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