XRootsFest Was a Day of Music, Dance, & Learning

We had a great day at XRootsFest 2017! The day included entertainment and learning from a wide variety of regional performers and cultural groups who shared everything from hip hop dance and music to Native American dance, to African drumming, to Japanese traditional Taiko drumming, to Indian classical dance, to Haitian Freedom music, to our own Columbia High School’s Special Dance, and much more. The performances were so engaging and it was exciting to wait and see what was up next. The video below is just a taste of the many wonderful performances (a more complete video is coming soon).

A new component of this annual multi-cultural festival was the Edu-tainment Tent in which children and families had the opportunity to hear a story and to learn about cultural practices from places around the world. Families expressed that they really enjoyed this aspect of the festival.

Thanks to the incredible team that makes XRootsFest happen-Barbara Velasquez, Audrey Rowe, Mark Mucci, Dean Dafis, Erin Scherzer, Lee Boswell May, Frances Bucien, Anfal Muhammad, and Merle Edwards! Thanks to the Coalition trustees who volunteered that day. Also a big shout out to all the leadership in South Orange along with the Rec. Dept. who collaborated and gave their time and effort to make this a great day. Thanks to both town leaders–South Orange Village President Sheena Collum and Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca–for being there and expressing their support of this extraordinary community engagement event that is part of the Coalition on Race’s mission.


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