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Statement on Racism in Our Schools & Teaching Our Youth about Race

We would like to address the multiple incidents of racist graffiti in the South Orange Maplewood School District middle school bathrooms and the controversy over the slave auction posters that were produced by 5th graders as part of an assignment on Colonial American history. We believe that we must acknowledge and name the racism expressed […]

Coffee House Discussion on Immigration in SOMa

CHD1.2017 Room

How can support immigrants in our towns? That was just one of the questions faced by attendees at this informative session.

Talking to Children about Race & Identity Workshop Series


Update: readings & resources for March 14th now available here! The Schools Committee is hosting three workshops to help us gain an understanding of the stages of racial knowledge, how to talk with children about race, and a session on the challenges faced by multiracial children and children whose families are of a different racial background.

Anti-Semitic Graffiti in South Mountain Reservation


The anti-Semitic symbols and words of hate painted on the walls at the South Mountain Reservation are insufferable. Our community has shown its strength in coming together to protest and heal.