Report to the Community: SOMa Demographics

The Monitoring & Evaluation Committee of the Community Coalition on Race looked at demographic trends in our towns over the last year to address some growing concerns about changes in the schools and neighborhoods. We wanted to see if, in the middle of the Census decade, we could gain some insight into emerging trends in our demographics. We asked the following questions:

• What have SOMA’s demographics looked like over the last 20 years?
• Where are we now?
• Are there observable trends that forecast our future demographic profile?
• What do these changes mean for our integration mission?

The report was presented before both the Maplewood Township Committee and the South Orange Village Trustees in the summer of 2016 and as a Report to the Community on November 9, 2016. In all presentations, the report generated questions and observations about how the two towns grow their diversity, continue to pursue their residential integration goals, improve their viability for seniors and renters, whether and how we meet our affordable housing obligations, and more.

To see the full report, click here.


2016 Report to the Community


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