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Study Finds Racially Diverse Suburban Communities Growing Faster than White Suburbs but Resegregation Threatens Prosperity and Stability

According to Myron Orfield, “Stable integration is possible but it does not happen by accident. It is the product of clear race-conscious strategies, hard work, and political collaboration among local governments. Racially diverse communities represent the best model for the nation’s educational, economic and political success.” Read more about this study entitled, “America’s Racially Diverse Suburbs: Opportunities and Challenges,”released in July 2012.

Khalil Gibran Muhammad on Facing Our Racial Past

Dr. Muhammad was interviewed on Bill Moyers & Company to discuss the importance of confronting the contradictions of America’s past to better understand the present.

Ulysses Dietz named Chief Curator of Newark Museum

Congratulations to our supporter and former Trustee in his new role!