Blogs, Books, and Articles on Integration & Race

Below are links to blogs to learn more about racial justice issues and to stay informed on current events from different perspectives:

Talking to Children About Race: Want to start a conversation with your kids or students about racial and cultural differences?  Click here  for a reading list compiled by the Schools Committee.

Check out these books and articles to learn more about current trends, progress and challenges related to integration. You can share additional suggested readings with us by e-mail at

America’s Racially Diverse Suburbs: Opportunities and Challenges, Myron Orfield & Thomas Luce. Click here for pdf.

The Persistence of Segregation in the Metropolis: New Findings from the 2010 Census, John R. Logan (Brown University) and Brian J. Stults (Florida State University)  (

Pathways to Integration: Examining Changes in the Prevalence of Racially Integrated Neighborhoods, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Keren Horn, Katherine O’Regan

Looking in the Cultural Mirror:

How understanding race and culture helps us answer the question: “Who am I?” Jefferson Fish, Ph.D.

Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America
Eugene Robinson
The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and needs. In his groundbreaking book, Disintegration, Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist Eugene Robinson argues that over decades of desegregation, affirmative action, and immigration, the concept of Black America has shattered. Instead of one black America, now there are four.  Click here for an NPR interview and more information.

Fire in the Heart: How White Activists Embrace Racial Justice Mark R. Warren

Fire in the Heart uncovers the dynamic processes through which some white Americans become activists for racial justice. The book reports powerful accounts of the development of racial awareness drawn from in-depth interviews with fifty white activists in the fields of community organizing, education, and criminal justice reform.  Read more

The Census and Race – Key Issues

Surprising Facts About Race

Whatever Happened to Integration? by Gerald Early, The Atlantic Monthly

Sharing America’s Neighborhoods: The Prospects for Stable Racial Integration
Ingrid Gould Ellen , Harvard University Press, 2000 – 252 pages

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